Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Ever Blogging Attempt

So I know I'm behind the curve on this one, but I wanted to wait until I had something to say. I've myspaced and facebooked as myself, but now I plan to blog and figure out twitter for Pacific Strength. It's my newest venture and I'm really excited about it. After personal training for 7 years, I feel like I've finally found my community in the RKC. The people over at the Russian Kettlebell Certification really sucked me in and I'm a total believer. This stuff is smart and fun and athletic and powerful and just makes you feel good. So, as I am sad to leave Fitness Elite, I am excited to begin my training over at Pacific Strength.  Check out my website at I'll still be doing all of my personal training, but I'll be adding kettlebell classes and more fun stuff so be sure to keep checking back.