Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation Workout

I went to Orlando, Florida over Memorial Day weekend for my little brother's wedding. I don't like lines or waiting in general and I like to consider myself an experienced traveler (that's what dating a guy in a different state will do to you) so I try to carry on whenever possible.
Five days worth of clothing to include outfits for rehearsal dinner & wedding didn't leave a lot of room for exercise equipment. A kettlebell was out of the question- space and the hassle of getting that thing into the overhead bin. Plus- do they let you carry those things on? Would that be considered a weapon? I could have brought an exercise band, but I forgot. So, I improvised with my nephew (aka my flexible barbell)...

I recommend you try this at home with a little person of your own!

Fun for the whole family =)

Thanks for being a good sport, Liam!