Thursday, June 2, 2011


Watch Steff.  She is about as bad-a$# as you can get.
Busy mother of three beautiful girls, all under the age of 9.
Doesn't necessarily have time for exercise. She makes time. With kettlebells, it's easy.

Steff weighs about 115lbs.
Seen here swinging an 80lb kettlebell. That's 70% of her body weight.
It's the biggest one I had at the time.  She swings it like its a 12k.

She'll tell you, she wasn't a huge fan of working out and used to dread it (used every excuse in the book!). But with kettlebells, she gets to the workout because she knows it's quick and effective.  She's not wasting time with long cardio classes or elliptical sessions.  She gets herself to the gym (sometimes on a unicycle, but that's another blog post), gets her training in, and then she's out in less than an hour to get on with her day! She trains with kettlebells 3 times per week and walks another 2-4 days with her dog (but that's more for Puppy Rose).

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