Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beach Workout

Just had another great Beach Workout. With a name like that, how could it be bad? Wake up, head to the beach, swing some kettlebells around... What a great way to start a Wednesday.
This morning, after the warmup, we started with swings and squats- the usual gear-up to the workout ahead- really stretch into the squats and focus on form with a lighter than usual kettlebell. We followed that with some one-arm swings and squats combined with pushups, and so on. The gang was dragging a little, so I tried to keep it simple. Focus on form and keep the heart-rates up without doing anything too technical. We finished with a great 10-minute cooldown and active stretch which I think everyone was thankful for. Great job this morning, my loyal kettlebellers!
So, I get back from the workout and am looking through pictures from when Evan ( came down to the beach workout a couple of weeks ago. I figured out how to post them (kind of a no-brainer, but remember: I'm new to blogging!). The one above is me torturing my victims and then next one is to show that we are still able to laugh- we have fun down there too!

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