Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Workout!

Ok, Kettlebellers. The Holiday Workout is ready. Please read carefully below.

A couple things to consider:

#1- As a reminder to everyone who plans on following along with the video, please be certain you are cleared by your physician to be working out. You should be healthy and have no physical limitations that prevent you from working out and increasing your heart rate. Valerie Waldron and Pacific Strength are not responsible for any injuries resulting from this workout.

#2- Use your best judgement.  Use little or no weight if there is an exercise you are unfamiliar with. Rest more than the allotted time when you're tired. Don't do anything that hurts your joints. Remember Kettlebell Safety 101: It's Your Fault!

#3- Be sure to warmup before and cool down after.

#4- Please Please Please Play Music in the background! The video is silent with a couple of voice-overs. Please have music in the background- it'll make the workout much more fun.

#5- Now get to work and Enjoy the pain!

The link to the Holiday workout is now inactive. Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a very Safe and Happy Holiday!



  1. whew, worn out just watching a few minutes!

  2. My brother, my boyfriend, and I did the workout on Christmas day after opening presents. It was quite a doozy. I (of course) made them do it twice and my brother was still cursing me after dinner. =)

  3. Good Grief!!! Happy New Year Marilyn

  4. I can't believe at the end you suggested that we do it again, couldn't you do a workout for those that are slightly retarded, no offense is someone is in that category, but I had difficulty with most of it so I watched it and joined in when I could.