Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I start this gym. I start a blog. I put my goals in writing (something I haven't done since college). And guess what I do? I fall on my bum taking out the garbage.

Now let me paint a picture so you know that I'm not a total klutz...

It's 7am on a misty morning in beautiful San Clemente. We are "socked in" with a heavy marine layer covering all of downtown. I usually don't work out in the morning, but there were only 2 people at the 6am Beach Workout (maybe it was the fog?) and I decided to put my kettlebell where my mouth usually is- show my loyal Beach Workout goers that I can workout too!

We have a great workout. I'm energized. I have 2 hours before the next Beach Workout and I decide to do some cleaning around the house. First stop- GARBAGE! I hate taking out the trash, so I do that first. To save time, I take the trash in one hand and the recycling in the other. Outside I go, I get to the bottom step and I slip on the dewey steps and fall flat on my left butt cheek. I can't catch myself because my hands are full and all of my weight slams on the edge of the step. Recycling scatters everywhere. Glad I didn't hit my head, I take a couple deep breaths and slowly get up. I pick up all the trash, gingerly walk up the stairs to my apartment, grab an ice pack out of the freezer and lie down on it. I can barely move and I keep thinking, "How on earth am I going to teach my next class?".

Luckily, I had some of my seasoned veterans at the workout (thank you Steff and Cindy) who were able to do the demonstrations for me. I had my sister (shout-out, Crystal!) come to the evening workout where I knew there would be a bunch of Newbies. And for the next 3 weeks, I had to use my words a little more than usual rather than relying on demonstrations.

Lesson #1- Take your time
Lesson #2- Don't do too many things at once
Lesson #3- Be thankful for a healthy body that moves well
Lesson #4- Let your boyfriend take out the trash

How did I get back to working out?  For an entire week, I did the RI treatment (RICE minus the CE)- Rest Ice and Ibuprofen. About a week after "the fall" I started doing really slow bodyweight exercises, keeping my stomach and back tight by "bracing"- about 20 minutes of squats, pushups, plank, lunges, band rows, superman. By week 3, I was able to add weight to those exercises. And by week 4, I was able to add lighter cleans, snatches, and all the other fun stuff.  I'm finally back to semi-normal.  I'm still icing and occasionally taking ibuprofen after workouts. I've started working on my goals again but they will have to be pushed back.  I'll get back to you late February.

Be safe out there!

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  1. Better your bum than your face! Sounds like something I would do, never your best moment, but it makes a good blog!