Monday, December 14, 2009


Check out this video about how to make your plank more efficient. You thought the plank was tough before, just wait until you try the RKC plank! Enjoy the pain!


  1. Ok, so no matter what, "hanging out" was not what was happening during any plank I have ever attempted correctly or incorrectly, but seriously, what you just showed could quite possibly cause my abs to catch fire they were working so hard.

  2. Hooray Lindsey! Burning is not always a great thing, but in this case, it means you did it right! Now you'll feel guilty if you do it the "old way". Sorry =)

  3. We do these at my gym but they tell us to move our arms as forward as possible. When I do it, I shake which is expected but I get a very sharp pain in my lower back. Is that normal or could I be doing it wrong??

  4. Hi Joanna-
    I hope it isn't too late! I haven't checked the comments on my blog in a while....
    Anyway- pain in your back is NOT a good thing! Usually, if your arms are shifted forward, your low back will dip/sway- the "trick" is to tuck your hips under, bring your hips toward your ribs and brace your stomach. Take the sway of the back away and tighten your stomach and the back pain should go away.
    Try the plank with me in the video and do all of the tightening as I do it and see how it feels!